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Dear Creator!

Thank you so much for writing or creating art for me!

I’m perfectly happy with either gen or F/F though I do prefer stories that aren’t too smutty (rated T or below is great). Those things considered, I’m a true multishipper and will happily take pretty much any pairing you throw at me, especially the rarer ones.

Likes: world-building, cultural differences and cultures being explored in general, female characters, ARs (particularly in-verse what-ifs, e.g. what would have happened if character A had/hadn’t died, battle x hadn’t been won…), slice of life, humour (including crack), fluff, H/C, angst, tragedy (character death is perfectly fine with me), dark!Aus/dark!characters (excluding non-con), UST, siblings interacting, characters showing an unexpected side, underdogs having their chance to shine, strong characters going through trials and suffering, unexpected and unlikely friendships, characters doing something they are good at doing

Dislikes: Het (exceptions listed below), mpreg, under-age, non-con, incest, female characters being bashed

All of the things below are just suggestions, I’ll be happy with anything you come up with! :D
I'm also not particularly good at coming up with art-prompts, so anything you come up with for the character and perhaps her daily surroundings (if you do backgrounds) would be lovely!

Oh, one more thing: I'll probably be without internet right around the time story reveals happen, so if I don't comment for a week or two, that's just because I haven't been able to read/see it yet, not because I don't like it or am being rude! Sorry about that!

The Hobbit (Jackson Movies)
I really don't mind if you mix the movie characters with the book characters and write in either canon...
  •  Hilda Bianca: There is just not enough about this badass woman from Lake-town who seems to have her heart in the right place. Just tell me about her life or maybe show her mentoring Sigrid and Tilda or go with the AR version that she’s actually their mother from a past relationship with Bard and that the children just mostly live with their father. Seriously, anything about her would make me happy.
  • Sigrid: I’m always interested in seeing how Sigrid adapts to her new role when Dale is resettled. Interactions with her siblings (both with her being the responsible big sister, getting along and little sibling squabbles) would be great too. I’m also a big fan of Sigrid/Tauriel.
  • Tauriel:  I’d love a story about her daily life in the guard of Mirkwood, maybe with her mentoring another female guard or showing her friendship with one. A story about her being pretty much adopted by Thranduil and her subsequent sibling dynamics with Legolas would also be great. If you feel like writing crack, I also love the “infamous Tauriel” theory, in which she is somehow responsible for everything that ever went wrong in Middle-earth...
  • Tilda: Tilda trying to find her place (both in her family and in society) would be interesting. She’s not the heir, she’s not the responsible older sister, but I can imagine she wants to be more than just the little sister. I wouldn’t mind seeing her helping her older siblings out of tight spots by clever thinking (that people who don’t know her that well wouldn’t necessarily expect) either.

The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien
Belladonna/Dís is one of my big OTPs, so I’d be over the moon about receiving a story or an artwork about them, but of course, I'd be equally happy to receive anything about either of them. Or, for that matter, anything to do with them interacting with anyone from the movies, I don't generally seperate the two fandoms. ;)
  • Belladonna Took: I’d love anything dealing with Belladonna’s friendship with Gandalf, her relationship with any of her many siblings (or their children, for that matter) or her going on an adventure. For art: I can really imagine her with a flower crown. Also, I'm happy seeing her either dark-haired like she is in the movies or with light-brown hair that I tend to headcanon her with.
  • Dís: I love reading anything dealing with her and her brothers, helping her people survive in the wandering years, raising her sons or ruling Erebor while struggling with her grief and perhaps reluctantly befriending Tauriel (in this case, I wouldn’t mind past Kíli/Tauriel). If you plan on creating art, I'd love to see her practicing her craft, be that smithing or anything else.

The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Berúthiel: History is of course written by the winners, so I’d love to see her side of the story. What was Berúthiel’s life like before and after living in Gondor? Maybe there was one person she trusted aside from her cats? I’d also enjoy reading about her everyday life, listening to what her cats found out by spying on the people of Gondor. If you decide to go the femslash route: Berúthiel takes her loyal handmaiden with her to Gondor and in the unfamiliar surrounding that does little to make them feel welcome, they cling together even more. Perhaps the relationship turns obsessive and unhealthy. Or Berúthiel wasn’t able to take her handmaiden with her and yearns to go back to her.
  • Haleth: I'd love anything exploring her culture or the changes or difficulties she faced when settling in Beleriand. Femslash is of course very welcome, whether Haleth/one of her female guards, Haleth/Thuringwethil (Maybe when leading her people through dark lands, they encounter Thuringwethil and Haleth tries to bargain with her to ensure they can pass unharmed. Thuringwethil is impressed by her courage) or whatever else you come up with. For art, I'd  just love seeing her in traditional clothes of her people, whatever you think that would be, or maybe looking into the new lands she is about to enter.
  • Thuringwethil: Send shivers down my spine and I'll be happy! ;) I'd also be happy to see anything dealing with her daily life, any doubts she might have or her in any femslash pairing. I'm also always interested in "coming to the dark side" stories. If you are creating art about her, something dark (in woman or bat form) or a cutesy version of her bat form would be equally appreciated.
  • Ungoliant: I’m interested in the self-destructive contrast between her hunger for light and her hatred for it. It would also be interesting to see something about her background with Melkor, how he “corrupted her into his service” or she “disowned her Master”. If inspiration takes you that way, I wouldn’t mind a modern AU or an AU with Ungoliant in a more human form either. For art, I'd love seeing her in her dark lair before Melkor asked her for help in destroying the Trees, though the act itself or her argument with Melkor would also be great. And umm... please give her six or eight eyes - yes, I have strange pet peeves... XD.

The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Ioreth: Anything dealing with her becoming a healer or the little customs and traditions of Gondor would be lovely! As would be a relationship with one of her fellow healers or a former patients... If you are an artist, I'd love to see her at her workplace, surrounded by herbs and salves.
  • Lady of the Blue Brooch: I love imagining the culture of the kingdoms of Arnor and would love to see your version of Cardolan's culture and her place in it. I'd both love to see her happy hours or her desperate end (or maybe she somehow managed to escape the destruction and only lost her brooch during her escape?)
  • Vidumavi: I'm likewise interested in the culture of Rhovanion and how Vidumavi's life changed when she married Valacar and moved to Gondor (I don't mind Vidumavi/Valacar, obviously... XD). For art I'd love something showing her in her cultural surroundings (however those may look).
  • Gilraen: I'd love seeing anything dealing with how Gilraen had happy moments between her husband's death and her own. Maybe she made some friends in Rivendell (or even was in another relationship?) or enjoyed teaching Estel some of the smaller traditions of his people that wouldn't have come up in Elrond's lessons. For art, I'd love either one of those happy moments or the mourning widow in the beauty of Rivendell (and by "beauty of Rivendell", I'd already be quite happy with something simple, like soft light or something like that...)
  • Lobelia Sackville-Baggins: And another woman we only get to see through the eyes of men who don't particularly like her... Again, I'd love to see her side of the story, perhaps showing that she did have her reasons and maybe even a slightly softer side, no matter how much she hates backing down (and loves those silver spoons... XD). I'd also love to see her in a relationship with another female hobbit, or perhaps even Dís or Tauriel... If you are creating art, there is just generally not enough art of her in her slightly over-the-top outfit...

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
  • Hermione Granger: I’d both love to see how her particular attitude about knowledge and her being well, a bit of a know-it-all is challenged or how she uses it to put someone in their place. Alternatively, I’d also be interested in reading about how she finds it slightly difficult to make friends outside the Golden Trio.
  • Luna Lovegood: I’d really enjoy reading something about her unusual view on the world around her, maybe something about her travels to find all those strange magical creatures. I’d also enjoy enthing Luna/Hermione, perhaps dealing with their rather different worldviews and how they both collide and compliment each other.
  • Minerva McGonagall: Anything about her youth or moral conflicts would be great! Or write about one of the many instances in which she was badass... :D
  • Pomona Sprout: I’d be happy to read anything about her life outside being a professor, but anything related to her experiences with Herbology would also be more than welcome, perhaps something about her going on an expedition before she went into teaching?

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
  • Brienne of Tarth: I think it would be interesting to see her loyalty to people who have shown her kindness (especially as the political landscape gets more complex and she feels loyalty to people in different camps) putting her in tough situations. Alternatively, I’d also be happy to see any femslash involving her, or anything else you come up with.
  • Margaery Tyrell: I'm rather interested in her motivations and the further difficulties she might encounter on her path to really becoming THE queen. I'm also interested in in seeing her being torn between her political interest and friendship (or even love?).
  • Sansa Stark: I’d love to see Sansa get a happy ending. It would be rather interesting to see her interact with any of her siblings again after all they’ve been through, being both happy to see each other after such a long and difficult time and somewhat unsure how to act around each other after so long, and, depending on who you choose, their somewhat difficult past relationship. I’d also love to see her interacting with her siblings in her childhood, perhaps in one of those situations that don't quite fit into fandom perception of her (getting along well with Arya, quarrelling with Robb, confiding something in Jon (or the other way round) or getting dirty while playing with Bran or Rickon).
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