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Dear Writer!

Thank you so much for creating for me! I’m sorry this letter turned out a bit long, feel free to just pick out the parts that are relevant to you (and yes, some of this is just c/p from earlier exchanges).

In general, I'm more interested in ratings G and T. I'll read smut, but it's not something I particularly enjoy, so unless it is necessary for the story, you might as well spare yourself the effort... ;)

Likes: cultural differences and cultures being explored in general, ARs (particularly in-verse what-ifs, e.g. what would have happened if character A had/hadn’t died, battle x hadn’t been won…), slice of life, humour (including crack), fluff, H/C, angst, tragedy (character death is perfectly fine with me), dark!AUs/dark!characters (excluding non-con), UST, siblings interacting, characters showing an unexpected side, underdogs having their chance to shine, strong characters going through trials and suffering, unexpected and unlikely friendships, characters doing something they are good at doing

Dislikes: mpreg, under-age, non-con, female characters being bashed

All of the things below are just suggestions, I’ll be happy with anything you come up with! :D

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
  • Albus Dumbledore/Horace Slughorn: I could see Albus being reluctant to get into a(nother) relationship after what happened with Grindelwald, so I’d like seeing some doubts but also connecting to each other. Or an established relationship in which the question of how much involvement in political matters is best.
  • Bartemius Crouch Sr/Percy Weasley: I don’t think it’s too much a stretch to say Percy was quite taken with his boss, so what if it actually turned into something? Whether it’s Crouch realizing Percy’s feelings and taking advantage of him to achieve some goal or the other, them actually having a good relationship until somehow Crouch keeps forgetting Percy’s name and Percy not knowing who to turn to since they were always quite set on keeping everything secret or Percy’s feelings staying quite unrequited and unnoticed, I’d be happy with pretty much anything (just not non-con, please.)
  • Elphias Doge/Albus Dumbledore: Elphias sounded like he had quite a crush on Albus back in the day, didn’t he? I’d love anything about a schooltime romance, Elphias having an unrequited crush on Albus when Grindelwald was in the picture, Elphias trying to pick up the pieces after the disaster with Grindelwald or Albus finally giving in to his advances after said disaster and then feeling awful about it.
  • Regulus Black/Remus Lupin: Oh, such a wonderfully complicated and tragic pairing… Give me all the angst, mistrust and tragedy combined with deep feelings and the will to make it work despite the odds. I’d also be happy with a fluffy happy scene or something unexpectedly funny with these two.
  • Remus Lupin/Bill Weasley: While I’d be quite happy about a story in which Remus helps Bill deal with being a not-quite-werewolf, I’d also love seeing Bill put Remus at ease that he can deal with being involved with a werewolf and lifting his low self-esteem at least a little. Fluff, angst, h/c and humor are all equally welcome.
  • Scorpius Malfoy/James Sirius Potter: James always liked teasing Albus about having a thing for Slytherins… until he realised he was falling for one himself. I’d love humor for this pairing, though angst (or a side of angst) would also be great!
  • Sirius Black/Bill Weasley: Maybe Bill is sent by the Order to escort Sirius for a bit while he is on the run overseas and Bill’s curiosity about this escaped convict turns to more.
  • Viktor Krum/Charlie Weasley: They can just picture the headlines… and they’d very much like to avoid that. I’d love reading about the resulting shenanigans to avoid the Daily Prophet catching wind… Or whatever else you come up with, really!

The Hobbit (Jackson Movies)
  • Bifur/Óin: They both bond over not always being able to communicate properly with the others and start having their own little in-jokes in Iglishmêk and this slowly develops into deeper feelings.
  • Bilbo/Bombur: These two have a lot more in common than is often acknowledged, so let’s take it that next step. Whether they trade receipes, the best strategy for running from danger or grumble about the discomforts of the journey (if you want to reintroduce Bombur’s little habit from the book), they realize that they are just on the same wavelength and slowly fall for each other. Perhaps they complain about the journey even more loudly after that so that the others are sick and tired of hearing it and they get to spend more time alone.
  • Bofur/Thorin: There’s no way around it: Thorin more often than not needs someone to remind him of the nicer sides of life, and who better for it than Bofur? Hurt/comfort (in either direction) would be great for these two, but just a bit of fluff would be wonderful too. I don’t care if it is set pre-quest or during the quest (the angsty version of Bofur mourning post-quest or a fix-it would also be appreciated, if inspiration takes you that way).
  • Dáin/Thranduil: Those insults were definitely just their way of flirting, right? ;) I’d love seeing something funny for these two, whether they take their insults to the point that their advisors try to make sure their meetings are as short as possible while they actually WANT to spend time together or they keep challenging the other to ridiculous competitions to show off their assets. Or maybe they don’t actually get along that well at first and Dain’s boar and Thranduil’s stag try matchmaking (while the ravens and thrushes keeping shaking their heads).

The Hobbit (All Media Types)
  • Bifur/Dwalin: I like the idea of both of them being Thorin’s guards and getting close because in the line of their work. H/C, fluff or whatever you come up with would be great. I’d also love reading a story about Bifur being there for Dwalin after the events of the BotFA (whether with previous Dwalin/Thorin or Dwalin feeling depressed and guilty about the loss of his friend and king) and their relationship developing from there.
  • Bifur/Thorin: According to the book, Bifur (along with his cousins) was one of Thorin’s guards, so it would be interesting to explore how a relationship would play out under these conditions, regardless whether their feelings for each other or their professional dealings with each other came first. I’d love to see how the professional and the personal level play out between them. If you prefer going with the movie version, I’d enjoy reading something about Bifur getting Thorin to relax at least a tiny bit despite the oncoming challenges.
  • Bilbo/Balin: It would be great to read something about Bilbo finding a kindred soul in Balin during the trials of the quest, or maybe reconnecting when Balin visits Bilbo after the quest. I just shipped them quite hard while reading the book and it makes me sad that there are so few stories about the two of them, two gentlemen past their youth enjoying long walks, good food and cultured discussions about books, maps and the comforts in life.
  • Dáin/Thorin: I’ve always thought the interactions between these two rulers would be quite interesting to explore and why not take it that extra step? I’d love something about them getting to know each other during a visit in their youth and their developing feelings, but anything set later in their lives is equally welcome. I’d be thrilled to see how their responsibilities to their realms would complicate things while their loyalty to each other stays unchanged.

The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth
  • Celebrimbor/Narvi: Anything dealing with their cultural differences would be great. I also love everything to do with Celebrimbor having complicated feelings about his grandfather, so anything dealing with that would be an added bonus.
  • Tuor/Voronwe: I’d love anything about their epic roadtrip or their developing feelings (slice of life, angst or fluff would be great, though I’d be happy with anything). I have a soft spot for anything to do with Nevrast and Vinyamar, so anything about that would be a real treat.
The Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkien)
  • Aragorn/Halbarad: I have a thing for early friendships developing into love. I’d love to see Halbarad taking Aragorn under his wings a bit when he first rejoins the Rangers, but angst about the later events (or the foreknowledge thereof and how they deal with it would also be great) is also appreciated. A fix-it about them both helping each other settle into their quite different life in Gondor would also be great. 

A Song of Ice and Fire:
  • Jojen Reed/Bran Stark: I love the little mentoring thing these two have going on and I also enjoy the supernatural elements they both have going on, so I’d be really happy about something with one of these things added in. I’d enjoy seeing them get together or just discovering their feelings for each other.
  • Jon Connington/Rhaegar Targaryen: I’d be thrilled with anything about these two, whether it deals with Jon’s unrequited feelings, these feelings being reciprocated, or Jon looking back on his memories with Rhaegar.
  • Stannis Baratheon/Davos Seaworth: I absolutely love Davos’s loyalty to Stannis, so anything dealing with that or putting that to the test would be great.
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