Jan. 7th, 2017

Dear Author!

Thank you for writing for me and for taking the time to look at my letter. I'm sorry this turned out so long (oh, the joys of being a multishipper...), feel free to just strg+f to the relevant fandoms and pairings.

Likes: humor, crack, gen, fluff, angst, h/c, tragedy (character death is perfectly fine, I love a good cry occasionally), UST, outside POV, slice of life, getting together, secret relationships (or the couple revealing it eventually), established relationships, female characters, siblings interacting and being important to each other (happy things and arguments are both fine), loyalty, overcoming differences, cultural differences and cultures being explored in general, ARs (particularly in-verse what-ifs, e.g. what would have happened if character A had/hadn’t died, battle x hadn’t been won…), dark!AUs/dark!characters (excluding non-con), characters showing an unexpected side, underdogs having their chance to shine, tough characters going through trials and suffering, unexpected and unlikely friendships, characters doing something they are good at doing.

Do not want: PWP or anything too smutty (fade to black or vagueness are fine), serious illness, A/B/O, mpreg, non-con, bestiality, underage, genderswap, "happy" incest (a.k.a. I like the characters feeling conflicted about if it does happen). I'll add a note in the pairing specifics if exceptions apply.

The ideas and quotes below are obviously just suggestions, I'll be equally happy if you come up with different ideas. Likewise, if one of the quotes inspires you for a different pairing than the one I've listed it under, that's great too!

I hope you have fun writing! :)



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