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Hi dear writer!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to look at my letter and most of all, thank you for writing for me!

Fic likes: humor, crack, gen, fluff, angst, h/c, tragedy, UST, outside POV, slice of life, getting together, established relationships, female characters, siblings interacting and being important to each other (happy things and arguments are both fine), loyalty, overcoming differences, descriptions of people doing what they are good at/competency kink, WWI AUs. I also like the tough characters having weak moments and the weaker ones getting their chance to shine.

I'm not a stickler for canon, so if you need to change things around a bit to make them work, that's fine! I don't mind character death either.

Do not want: smut (fade to black or vagueness are fine, but nothing rated M or E, please), A/B/O, mpreg, non-con, bestiality, underage, genderswap, incest (second cousins or further are fine, as are the incest pairings I’ve listed)

Any story would be wonderful and I'm really not picky, but in case you need some more inspiration, there are some suggestions below. Feel free to write whatever you feel like, though!

I am so sorry this is so long! Please strg+f to the fandom/pairing you are considering! And feel free to ask if there’s something you’d like to know (the comments below should allow anon, if not, send me an ask on tumblr)!

I'm looking forward to reading what you come up with! Thank you in advance!

Request 1:
The Hobbit – All Media Types

Slice of life (before, during or after the quest is fine), outside POV, getting together, overcoming differences, the tougher dwarves being out of their depth/suffering, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, drama, humor, crack, focus on the culture of the characters
Appearances (or POV) by other characters, especially the “less popular dwarves”, are welcome!

  • Dwalin/Thorin Oakenshield: I’d love anything for these two! I love their loyalty for each other and how close they are. Sad, angsty or fluffy, they are one of my big OTPs.
  • Sigrid/Original Female Character: I’d love to see some of Sigrid’s life and first love (Hilda’s daughter? Alfrid’s or the Master of Laketown’s niece? The daughter of a craftsman or fisherman?) before the dragon came, or how it changed afterwards. Or perhaps those events brought them together? Cute first love would be lovely, but angst is great too! Outside POV could be fun for this one.
  • Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit): For these two, I like reincarnation fics, perhaps of the kind in which they are trying to find each other again (bittersweet endings or tragedies welcome). But really, anything is fine.
  • Galadriel/Tauriel (The Hobbit): Perhaps Tauriel couldn’t bear staying in Mirkwood after the events of the Hobbit and goes to Lothlorien? Or Galadriel goes to visit Thranduil? Fluff, Angst, Bittersweet…
  • Tauriel/Lírien: It would be fun to see some cultural differences between these two and maybe both of them admiring the skills the other has (while being completely inept at them herself?)
  • Tauriel/Original Female Character(s): Surely, Tauriel can’t be the only female guard in Mirkwood. Perhaps she and a fellow guardswoman bond over being two of the few female guards and it turns into more?
  • Thorin Oakenshield/Thranduil (The Hobbit): I love the tensions between these two and a good dose of “nooo… I don’t want to be attracted to him, dammit!” is always fun. Pre-Smaug or post-Smaug is both fine. Humor, angst, crack, h/c…
  • Dwalin/Ori: I enjoy fics that have them both finding out that they are very much equals, contrary to what they thought. Or perhaps outside POV showing how they dance around each other, or Dwalin trying to deal with Ori dying in Khazad-dum. If you feel like it, I’d also love Ori picking up the pieces after Thorin’s death (whether there was previous Dwalin/Thorin, one-sided Dwalin/Thorin or grieving Dwalin just doesn’t really know what to do with his life now that the friend he was loyal to his entire life has died). Please no stereotypically “feminized” Ori!
  • Legolas Greenleaf & Tauriel (The Hobbit): I very much prefer these two having brother-sister-dynamics rather than shippy undertones. I don’t care which of them has the role of the older sibling and would love seeing some of the sibling-like aspects playing out (teasing, protectiveness, rivalry, teaching, etc).
  • Bilbo Baggins/Nori (The Hobbit): A burglar and a thief, what’s not to love about this? Maybe Nori is slightly put off that this incompetent creature was chosen to be the company’s burglar instead of him, maybe he takes to teaching Bilbo a thing or two and ends up becoming rather more fond of Bilbo than he had expected…
  • Thorin Oakenshield/Ori: I’d love to see Ori taking charge and Thorin being both slightly surprised and quite grateful that Ori sees that Thorin sometimes needs to hand over the reigns. Please no stereotypically “feminized” Ori!
  • Bilbo Baggins/Bofur (The Hobbit): I love h/c for these two. Either Bofur picking up the pieces (after Thorin’s death (previous Bagginshield?) or the general aftermath of the battle?) or Bilbo being there for Bofur when his eternal cheerfulness reaches its limits.
  • Bifur & Bofur & Bombur: I like seeing the stick together through difficult times like after Bifur’s injury. Slice of life or anything, really.
  • Dori & Nori & Ori: I love seeing their different personalities clashing and them caring about each other at the same time.
  • Fíli & Kíli & Thorin Oakenshield: I’m a sucker for fic in which Fíli and Thorin are close, perhaps even though Fíli doesn’t really think Thorin cares that much about him. Or show me Fíli and Kíli wrecking havoc while poor Thorin struggles to deal with them. (Dís added in is always a wonderful bonus!)
  • Thranduil & Thranduil’s Elk (The Hobbit): These two are pretty much an invitation for crack – or something sweet about how much Thranduil cares about his elk. Or maybe even something supernatural about how the two are really one and the same or how the soul of Thranduil’s wife was somehow transferred into the elk – or perhaps that’s only what Thranduil believes? Perhaps the elk is really a spy for Sauron? Seriously, I’d love something weird if this is the relationship you go with!
  • Bifur/Kíli: “Overcoming the odds” fic would be great for these two! Everybody is slightly worried that Kíli has bitten off more than he can chew or that Kíli is still too fickle and will end up hurting Bifur. But Bifur is utterly sweet (though in unconventional ways) and Kíli is completely invested in the relationship and they make it work.

Request 2:
The Lord of the Rings – J. R. R. Tolkien

slice of life, cultural differences, siblings interacting and being important to each other (happy things and arguments are both fine), pre-LotR era, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, drama, humor, crack, outside POV, getting together

  • Frodo Baggins/Sam Gamgee: Since I love anything relating to one character’s loyalty to another, that would be great for these two! Any era is fine!
  • Merry Brandybuck/Pippin Took: Again, any era is fine! I’m not picky about what I’d like to see about these two.
  • Arwen/Gilraen (LotR): I really like the thought of Gilraen not staying alone and in grief after the death of her husband, or this could be set before she marries? Feel free to end the story before Aragorn enters the picture as more than a child or go AU.
  • Arwen & Gilraen: Some foreshadowing or foresight would be great, but I don’t mind if you change when Gilraen died either and write something about mother-in-law and daughter-in-law interacting (some doubts are fine, but no hostility please).
  • Ioreth/Original Female Character(s): OFC could be another healer, former patient or someone Ioreth knew when she was younger. Any era is fine!
  • Berúthiel/Original Female Character(s) (LoTR): I could see the OFC being a loyal handmaiden who came to Gondor with Berúthiel and in the unfamiliar surrounding that does little to make them feel welcome, they cling together even more. Perhaps the relationship turns obsessive and unhealthy. Or the OFC is someone Berúthiel had to leave behind and yearns to go back to. Happy, bittersweet or sad endings are all welcome.
  • Éowyn/Lothíriel: I don’t care if you go AU with this one, ignore Éomer and Faramir or add in some guilt. Perhaps they both feel lonely away from the homes they knew and loved and things develop from there...
  • Éowyn & Lothíriel: I’d just love to see Éowyn with a female friend, perhaps figuring out common interests where they didn’t expect many or just realising they are on are on the same wavelength. Fleshing out Lothíriel’s personality and background is always welcome!
  • Éomer & Éowyn: Perhaps something in which Éowyn helps out Éomer in one way or the other? Or maybe some angst or h/c about parting company after the events of LotR?
  • Aragorn/Denethor: I’ve always liked imagining Aragorn and Denethor being in a relationship back when Aragorn fought for Gondor as “Thorongil” (maybe with the relationship turning sour because of Denethor’s jealousy and suspicions of Thorongil’s origins), so I’d love to see something about that, maybe even with a timejump to when Denethor finds out Isildur’s heir is coming to Minas Tirith and everything falls into place for him.
  • Aragorn/Faramir: I don’t really have a prompt for this pairing, I’d be happy to see anything you come up with.
  • Aragorn/Halbarad: I have a thing for close, life-long friendships turning into relationships, so seeing them get together would be great. Angst about the things to come would also be very much appreciated.
  • Aragorn/Theoden: This is another one I could imagine taking place during the “Thorongil” time (I don’t mind if you play around with their age a bit). Maybe young Theoden was besotted with the stranger from foreign lands. LotR era would be great too though!
  • Déagol/Gollum: I love glimpses from the life of the settlement they grew up in and it would be interesting to see Sméagol before the Ring found him. I can’t really see them having an entirely sweet relationship, so feel free to throw in some arguments or darker moments.
  • Finduilas & Boromir & Faramir (LOTR-book); Denethor & Boromir & Faramir (LOTR-book): I just love anything family related, especially when there are quite a few tensions in the family. Slice of life would be wonderful.

Request 3:
The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types

slice of life, cultural differences, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, drama, humor, crack, outside POV

  • Arwen/Éowyn (LotR): I’m happy with anything you come up with. (background Aragorn/Faramir is fine)
  • Arwen & Elanor Gardner: Their first meeting would be interesting, or maybe something about learning about each other’s cultures.
  • Arwen & Lothiriel: Lothiriel is interested in her elven ancestry and who better to ask more than Arwen? Or just anything about their friendship, really.
  • Arwen & Éowyn (LoTR): Anything about them slowly becoming friends despite any misgivings they may have had at the beginning. Or maybe they become allies in some political issue.
  • Gimli/Legolas Greenleaf (LotR): Getting together, cultural differences, meeting the family, Gimli growing old – any of that would be appreciated.
  • Aragorn & Elrond (LOTR): They have such a facetted relationship between Elrond teaching and helping to raise Aragorn, the doubts Elrond has about Aragorn/Arwen, mortality/immortality and how politics play into it, so I’d love to see any of that. If you feel like it, some parallels to how Elrond was raised and the grief for Elros would also be interesting.

Request 4: 
TOLKIEN J. R. R. - Works & Related Fandoms

slice of life, cultural differences, culture in general, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, drama, humor, crack, outside POV, getting together

  • Arwen (LoTR)/Tauriel (The Hobbit): It would be interesting to see how they become a couple (or even just attracted to each other), maybe after Tauriel leaves Mirkwood after the events of the hobbits and she finds comfort in Arwen or Arwen meets Tauriel after Aragorn dies. Slice of life or anything dealing with cultural differences would also be welcome.
  • Arwen/Lírien (Rivendel Harp Girl) (General): Perhaps childhood friends discovering feelings of a slightly nature for each other? Maybe their reunion after one of Arwen’s stays to Lothlorien has them unexpectedly (or not so unexpectedly) kissing?
  • Éowyn/Tar-Míriel (General): Going with the theory that Tar-Míriel might be the Witchking. Whether you go completely AU (dark queens?) or have Éowyn dreaming about her night after night in the Houses of Healing (does she succumb?), anything is fine, including dub-con (I’d still prefer not straight-out non-con though). Or if you prefer to stay away from that theory, go with whatever AU you like. Éowyn has obsessive dreams about the Queen that sunk into the waves; reincarnation, modern AU...
  • Éowyn & Tar-Míriel (General): If the Witchking is Tar-Míriel, surely she wouldn’t underestimate women? Or perhaps she has forgotten that she is female, being non-corporeal and all that? So how do things work out instead? Or, if you’re not going with that theory, how about Éowyn being the reincarnation of Tar-Míriel?
  • Bilbo Baggins & Maglor (LoTR) (General): Bilbo goes on a journey and meets a different wanderer. Does Bilbo not realise who he is, realise straight away or realise once they part ways or he reads about him in the library of Rivendell? Or maybe Elrond ends up mentioning him and Bilbo can’t help thinking about that one elf he once met on the road.
  • Elrond/Gandalf (General): I’d be interested in seeing how disagreements (eg. Frodo going to Mordor) affect their relationship.
  • Elrond/Thranduil (General): How do two such different elf lords fit together? Do they have a bit of an underlying rivalry going on?
  • Galadriel/Gandalf (General): Valinor or after Gandalf came to middle-earth is both fine. Perhaps something about their reunion? H/C, fluff, angst, crack...

Request 5:
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

I'd also be happy with Gen with any combination of characters! different characters clashing/finding a way to co-exist/mentoring each other (not necessarily in an academic sense); slice of life, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, drama, humor, crack, outside POV
  • Sirius Black/Remus Lupin: I’d enjoy seeing something after their reunion in PoA, but Marauder’s era would also be great!
  • Sirius Black/James Potter (Rowling): I wouldn’t mind this one being unrequited or mutual pining, but seeing them becoming a couple would the wonderful as well. I’d also enjoy angst/drama/tragedy aka Sirius looking back when James is dead.
  • Regulus Black/Remus Lupin (Rowling): I'd like seeing something about the difficulties of their relationship, being on different sides of the war at least for a while. Something about how they become a couple would be great too. Just no pure fluff for these two, please.
  • Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald (Rowling): I love anything from them falling in love to things getting darker and fics set past Ariana’s death.
  • Albus Dumbledore/Horace Slughorn (Rowling): I could see Albus being reluctant to get into a(nother) relationship after what happened with Grindelwald, so I’d like seeing some doubts but also connecting to each other. Or an established relationship in which the question of how much involvement in political matters is best.
  • Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood (Rowling): Pure fluff is fine, or finding things in their different world views they have in common.
  • Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley (Rowling): I’d love to see anything about friendship turning into a relationship. Ginny defending Luna against bullying would be nice too (not that Luna necessarily needs help, but some of those students deserved a good bat-boogey hex). Fluff, h/c, angst, anything really.
  • Fleur Delacour/Nymphadora Tonks (Rowling): What if Fleur had decided to do an internship at the Aurors instead of the bank? Any other scenario is welcome too.
  • Fleur Delacour/Hermione Granger (Rowling): Anything you come up with would be great!
  • HermioneGranger/Ginny Weasley (Rowling): I have a thing for secret relationships, so maybe the two of them stealing kisses at the Burrow? (No infidelity though, please.)
  • Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson (Rowling): Them meeting again several years after Hogswarts and somehow starting a conversation only to realise they have both changed would be interesting to see.
  • Millicent Bulstrode/Hermione Granger (Rowling): Anything involving opposites attract. And hey, they are both cat people, right? Maybe Crookshanks and Millicent’s cat play matchmakers or keep getting in fights that need to be broken up?
  • Minerva McGonagall/Pomona Sprout (Rowling): Relaxing together after a long day of teaching, fluff, humor...
  • Minerva McGonagall/Poppy Pomfrey (Rowling): Another pairing for which I’d love to see something sweet.
  • Neville Longbottom/Draco Malfoy (Rowling): Anything that shows how they overcome their prejudices and come to rely on each other would be wonderful!
  • Neville Longbottom/Charlie Weasley (Rowling): Perhaps Charlie needs advice about a poisonous plant a dragon ate or they figure out dragons thrive more when they get a difficult to raise plant (the dragon equivalent of catnip might be fun) and things develop from there?
  • Seamus Finnigan/Dean Thomas (Rowling): I’d love to see anything for this underrated pairing. Perhaps meeting each other’s families or becoming a couple?
  • Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter: Their slight obsession with each other in the sixth year turning into a slightly different obsession (doesn’t even have to end up with them becoming a couple, one-sided or mutual attraction is fine as well. Or they meet again years after Hogwarts. No established relationship fluff for these two, please.
  • Helga Hufflepuff/Rowena Ravenclaw (Rowling): While I’d be happy with anything dealing with their relationship, it would be interesting to see something about the role of women in medieval wizard society.
  • Godric Gryffindor/Salazar Slytherin (Rowling): Relationship going sour? Their life and relationship before Hogwarts was founded? Slice of live during the building of Hogwarts?

Request 6:
The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien

I really like stories dealing with the indirect responsibility for actions of relatives and the associated feelings of guilt. angst, hurt/comfort, drama, outside POV, getting together, slice of life, cultural differences, culture in general

  • Galadriel/Thuringwethil: I’d be completely happy with anything you write about these two!
  • Lúthien Tinúviel/Thuringwethil: I love stories about how Thuringwethil is unable to turn down Luthien’s wishes. Aside from that, anything sad and painful is lovely for these two.
  • Galadriel/Lúthien (Silmarillion): Getting together or sweet fluff is always great, or something more melancholy as Galadriel remembers.
  • Lúthien Tinúviel & Melian: I’d enjoy any bonding between mother and daughter, teaching or discussions about the paths taken.
  • Fingon | Findekáno/Maedhros | Maitimo: Yet another of those OTPs I’d take anything for. UST, getting together, arguments, the rescue, reconciliation, the long-distance relationship, mourning - any era is fine!
  • Celebrimbor & Maeglin (Silmarillion): Again, I am a sucker for people trying to cope with the things their fathers/grandfathers have done...
  • Azaghâl & Maedhros | Maitimo: I’d love anything dealing with how despite the countless things that could have gone wrong between these two not exactly easy personalities, they became friends and allies and probably learnt quite a bit from each other.
  • Azaghâl/Maedhros | Maitimo: And yes, taking that one step further. The misunderstandings that could arise in an affair or relationship between people from different cultures and how they deal with them – or not. Because the idea of their relationship failing and the loyalty between them still existing to that degree is at least equally interesting...
  • Bëor the Old/Finrod Felagund | Findaráto: Because that mutual fascination is just begging to be turned into something more... ;) Anything addressing the power imbalance and the moral implications of that would be a great bonus.
  • Elrond & Elros & Maglor: Slowly learning to trust each other, I’m also quite fond of the theory that Maglor sometimes checks up on Elrond from a distance after the First Age.
  • Celebrimbor & Fëanor: Anything dealing with the contrast between the loving grandfather and the politician/kinslayer and how Celebrimbor tries to reconcile those two in his mind would make me incredibly happy!
  • Fëanor | Curufinwë/Rúmil of Tirion (Silmarillion): Anything about these two, really. I’m quite interested in their writing systems, so some discussion or conversation about that would be a great bonus. Perhaps Feanor is trying to coax some information from Rumil about how he first came up with the idea for writing and Rumil is for some reason reluctant to give it?
  • Aredhel/Haleth (Silmarillion): Anything featuring them being the badass ladies they are. Or some fluffy h/c in which they both get to let their guard down.
  • Haleth/Thuringwethil: Perhaps infectious-vampire AU with the two of them ruling as vampire queens over their lands, or Thuringwethil being fascinated by this fearless mortal.
  • Maedhros | Maitimo & Maglor | Makalaurë (Silmarillion): I’d prefer something involving the era in which they are the only ones left of their brothers, or when they are trying to mend their relationship after Maedhros was rescued from Thangorodrim. Bittersweet or just plain angst, tragedy etc.
  • Maedhros | Maitimo/Maglor | Makalaurë: “Everything has gone to hell already, so what is there left to lose? We are all we have left anyway.” Make it sad, dark, twisted, angry, despaired... make me cry. :)
  • Mîm & Túrin Turambar: I don’t really have any preferences for these two, so I’ll happily take anything you throw at me! Modern AU would be interesting too.
  • Aredhel/Thuringwethil: Perhaps Aredhel runs into Thuringwethil instead of Eol, or Thuringwethil kills Eol but ends up being too fascinated/impressed/etc. by Aredhel to kill her.
  • Celebrimbor | Telperinquar & Narvi: I love to see something about the beginnings of their friendship and working relationship (I’m also not opposed to it becoming slightly shippy, but that’s optional, of course)

Request 7:
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin

I’d love to see moments of happiness for those characters that usually get nothing but grief. Siblings interacting and being important to each other (happy things and arguments are both fine) would also be great. I also love everything to do with warging. fluff, hurt/comfort, loyalty, slice of life

  • Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell (ASoIaF): Yes, you guessed it: moments of happiness, hurt/comfort, maybe a happy reunion in the future...
  • Sansa Stark & Margaery Tyrell (ASoIaF): I love seeing Margaery helping Sansa out (but perhaps the other way round would also be interesting?). A reunion between them in the future when there is relative peace again would also be interesting, whether it is a happy one in which they are mostly glad the other survived or whether it goes along the lines that Sansa is still vaguely thankful, she is also aware that to a degree, she was just a pawn in the larger game of Margaery (and her grandmother).
  • Arya Stark & Sansa Stark: I’m a sucker for reunions between the two. Or maybe a look into their relationship in the future (however that may turn out)? Anything else is fine too, just as long as neither of them is bashed.
  • Jon Snow & Arya Stark (AsoIaF): For these two, I’d enjoy seeing something (after they are reunited) about them realising how they’ve both changed.
  • Jon Snow & Robb Stark (ASoIaF): I’d find anything that focuses on their relationship as unequal brothers interesting, especially the fact that Jon may have every reason to be jealous of Robb, but is still loyal to him.
  • Jon Snow & Ned Stark (ASoIaF): Anything with the two of them bonding. I’m also fairly certain of L+R=J, so if you want to add in something related to that, go ahead.
  • Jon Snow & Samwell Tarly (ASoIaF): Slice of life or something about how politics complicate their lives and friendships would be great.
  • Jon Snow & Sansa Stark (ASoIaF): I’d love anything showing how even though they don’t seem particularly close, they do care for each other. I’d also be happy with something showing Sansa’s character growth and how she no longer buys into the social narrative in regards to bastards being worth less.
  • Loras Tyrell & Margaery Tyrell (ASoIaF): I thing these two are really close, so anything showing that would be wonderful, perhaps the two of them sharing secrets. H/C after Renly’s death is also welcome.
  • Asha Greyjoy & Theon Greyjoy: I absolutely love when Asha is the protective big sister, but I also love when she fools her brother. I’d enjoy pretty much anything about these two.
  • Shireen Baratheon & Davos Seaworth (ASoIaF): I prefer happier things, h/c and of course those lovely teaching moments for these two.
  • Renly Baratheon/Loras Tyrell (ASoIaF): Something about the happier days or grieving Loras would both be wonderful.(I'm not a big fan of the TV series turning them into gay clichées, so I would prefer something that stays away from that.)
  • Robert Baratheon/Ned Stark (ASoIaF): I’d preferably like something set back when they were in the Eyrie, but anything about them reuniting in Winterfell is also good.
  • Robert Baratheon & Ned Stark (ASoIaF): Same as above, but please nothing about Robert’s many affairs.
  • Stannis Baratheon/Davos Seaworth (ASoIaF): I absolutely love Davos’s loyalty to Stannis, so anything dealing with that or putting that to the test would be great.
  • Myrcella Baratheon/Margaery Tyrell: So maybe I have a thing about Margaery helping/saving young women in unpleasant situations... XD (Feel free to age Myrcella up a bit, or make Margaery a bit younger)
  • Jon Snow/Robb Stark (ASoIaF): Experimenting together in their youth, guilt because of the (perceived) sibling incest, whatever you come up with...
  • Renly Baratheon & Stannis Baratheon (ASoIaF), Renly Baratheon & Robert Baratheon (ASoIaF), Robert Baratheon & Stannis Baratheon (ASoIaF): Anything about their complicated brotherly relationships. Perhaps a moment in which they do get along or help each other out would be interesting.  

Request 8:
 Merlin (TV)

I like seeing Merlin cracking (or almost cracking) from the stress of his daily life and the burden of keeping pretty much everything a secret. I also like magic reveals and crack theories as to why nobody ever notices that magic is going on everywhere all the time. Slice of life, outside POV, getting together, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, drama, humor, crack

  • Merlin/Arthur Pendragon (Merlin): Arthur realising Merlin is under too much stress or magic reveal, whether the reaction is surprise/shock/etc. or something along the lines of "well, yes, that was quite obvious" would be great! I also like Arthur reborn and Merlin looking for him/finding him when he was expecting it. H/c, angst, fluff, humor, drama.
  • Gwen/Morgana (Merlin): Fluff, h/c, becoming a couple, how their relationship changes when Morgana starts working against Camelot...
  • Merlin & Arthur Pendragon (Merlin): Magic reveal, h/c, Merlin feeling guilt about the part he played in Uther’s death and thus Arthur’s grief.
  • Merlin & Morgana (Merlin): An AU with Merlin mentoring Morgana would be interesting, but I love their canon friends to bitter rivals dynamic too.
  • Gwaine/Merlin (Merlin): I’d enjoy something with Gwaine picking up the pieces when all the stress Merlin is under becomes too much.
  • Gwen & Morgana (Merlin): Slice of life, h/c, supportive friendship, magic reveal, angst when Gwen senses that Morgana is up to something.
  • Gaius/Uther Pendragon (Merlin): I’d really enjoy seeing something dealing with how their relationship changed when Uther started his purge of magic.
  • Gaius & Uther (Merlin): It would be interesting to see Gaius dealing with Uther’s anti-magic agenda before Merlin came to Camelot, whether Uther knew he used magic and made him take an oath to stop or whether Uther had no idea.
  • Gaius & Balinor: Perhaps Gaius helping Balinor escape from Camelot?
  • Gwaine & Merlin (Merlin): Pretty much the same as the shippy version, except, you know, not shippy... XD
  • Morgana & Arthur Pendragon (Merlin): I like the contrast between them being teasing but protective in their childhood and everything going to hell later. But anything that shows how important they are/were to each other is welcome.
  • Balinor & Merlin (Merlin): Maybe an AU in which they have the chance to get to know each other better?

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