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Dear Writer!

Thank you so much for creating for me! I’m sorry this letter turned out a bit long, feel free to just pick out the parts that are relevant to you. Speaking of picking out, it’s probably obvious by the choice of characters that I’m not really looking for a fic that includes all the ones I added to the list - just go with one character (or more) you feel like writing.

I’m perfectly happy with gen, but I’m not opposed to shipping either, though I do prefer to stay on the F/F or M/M side of things and prefer stories that aren’t too smutty (rated T or below is great). Those things considered, I’m a true multishipper and will happily take pretty much any pairing you throw at me, especially the rarer ones (the few NOTPs I have are listed in the specifics for the characters in question).

Likes: cultural differences and cultures being explored in general, female characters, ARs (particularly in-verse what-ifs, e.g. what would have happened if character A had/hadn’t died, battle x hadn’t been won…), slice of life, humour (including crack), fluff, H/C, angst, tragedy (character death is perfectly fine with me), dark!Aus/dark!characters (excluding non-con), UST, siblings interacting, characters showing an unexpected side, underdogs having their chance to shine, strong characters going through trials and suffering, unexpected and unlikely friendships, characters doing something they are good at doing

Dislikes: Het (exceptions listed below), mpreg, under-age, non-con, incest (only exception: sibling incest that focuses on the “this is so wrong but we can’t stop ourselves” or the “nope, not having these feelings and definitely never going to act on them” with no happy endings), female characters being bashed

All of the things below are just suggestions, I’ll be happy with anything you come up with! :D

Oh, I forgot to add: I'll probably be without internet right when the stories go online, so if I'm late in commenting, it's not that I'm being rude or didn't like your story, I most likely just haven't had the chance to read it yet. Sorry!

The Hobbit - All Media Types
I’d love to see pretty much anything about any combination of characters, whether that be friendships, M/M or F/F relationships. I especially like sibling interactions, worldbuilding, exploring the different cultures, dark!Aus, humor, angst, fluff, slice of life and what-ifs.

  • Hilda Bianca: There is just not enough about this badass woman from Lake-town who seems to have her heart in the right place. Just tell me about her life or maybe show her mentoring Sigrid and Tilda or go with the AR version that she’s actually  their mother from a past relationship with Bard and that the children just mostly live with their father. Seriously, anything about her would make me happy.
  • Bain of Dale: I’d love to see Bain interacting with the dwarves or the elves and learning about their cultures and gradually becoming friends with one or more of them. I’d also be happy with something exploring the interactions between Bain and his sisters.
  • Bard the Bowman: I’d be interested to see Bard dealing with the new task of being king, but something about his smuggling adventures and struggles with the Lake-town authorities would also be great. I love how Bard feels compelled to do the right thing, even though he doesn’t necessarily do it happily (because yay, grumpy Bard!). If you somehow throw in the thrush, I’d be extra happy.
  • Belladonna Took: Belladonna/Dís is one of my big OTPs, so I’d be over the moon about receiving a story about them, but I’d also love anything dealing with Belladonna’s friendship with Gandalf, her relationship with any of her many siblings (or their children, for that matter) or her going on an adventure.
  • Beorn (Tolkien): I’d love to see Beorn interacting with Radagast, the Eagles or the Ravens. It would also be interesting to see how he met his wife, especially in movie-verse where all his people were enslaved/killed by orcs.
  • Bifur (Tolkien): I love stories dealing with how even though Bifur has his difficulties because of his axe, he is a crucial part of the company precisely because of being different. I also really enjoy seeing Bifur’s gentle side when he interacts with children or animals.
  • Bilbo Baggins: I really enjoy stories in which Bilbo is settling back down in the Shire and realizes just how much he has changed, or the signs that he was already slightly odd in the eyes of the other hobbits before he left on the quest. I also like seeing those friendships with members of the company that are more rarely shown explored.
  • Bofur (Tolkien): I’m always interested in stories in which Bofur’s cheerfulness is at least sometimes a façade, whether it is Bofur’s coping mechanism with whatever bad things may be happening or if you go with dark!Bofur. But I’m not opposed to tooth-rotting fluff or H/C with Bofur taking care of one of the others either.
  • Bombur (Tolkien): I’d be happy with anything that doesn’t just focus on him being fat/his love for food. Give me shy, badass Bombur, maybe with an awful sense of humour that nobody would expect, perhaps a little whiny (like in the book) right up to the moment he needs to step up and then fiercely protective of his brother, cousin and everyone he cares about. I’d also enjoy seeing him being friends with someone you’d not really expect him to be friends with.
  • Dís (Tolkien): I love reading anything dealing with her and her brothers,  helping her people survive in the wandering years (if you manage to fit in Dís/Belladonna, that would be even more brilliant), raising her sons or ruling Erebor while struggling with her grief and perhaps reluctantly befriending Tauriel (in this case, I wouldn’t mind past Kíli/Tauriel).
  • Dori (Tolkien): It would be quite interesting to see Dori be more involved with his brother’s crooked deals than you’d expect, or at least having the capability of pulling something like that too, if a lot more subtle. I’d be perfectly happy with any other brotherly interactions too, though.
  • Dwalin (Tolkien): I’m a sucker for seeing Dwalin’s more vulnerable side. I also like seeing his loyalty being put to the test in situations like Thorin’s goldsickness. Thorin/Dwalin is one of my OTPs, while Dwalin/Bilbo falls firmly in the NOTP category.  
  • Elrond Peredhel: I’d love seeing something about his friendship with Bilbo, or about the dealings of the white council. Anything to do with previous dealings with dwarves would also be great: did Elrond let his family history influence his opinion on them or did he manage to stay at least mostly neutral? Was there a bit of a learning curve?
  • Fíli (Tolkien): I’d love to read about Fíli struggling a bit when Kíli gets into a relationship. He had always been the most important person in Kíli’s life up till then and while he is happy for Kíli, he does have a hard time getting used to it. Perhaps Kíli also told someone else about the new relationship first and Fíli is additionally hurt by that because he was always the first to know what was going on in Kíli’s life. (Kíli/Tauriel is fine for this, but no Tauriel bashing please.) Anything to do with Fíli’s duties as heir, his doubts, struggles and the learning process involved with that would also be great.
  • Galadriel | Artanis: I really enjoy reading about dark or at least morally grey Galadriel. Alternatively, Galadriel secretly teaming up with another character makes my day (I’m thinking of something a bit like her and Gandalf having a conversation while Saruman drones on, only with a different character and a different goal; maybe she helps Bilbo out to get the dwarves to respect him a bit more, or teams up with the dwarves to make Elrond serve different food).
  • Gandalf | Mithrandir: What did Gandalf do in the long centuries before the events of the Hobbit? I’d love seeing him interact with people from different areas than just Gondor and the Shire, though those are of course fine as well (I currently have a bit of a fascination with Cardolan, Rhudaur and Arthedain). I’m also interested in Gandalf’s interactions with Bilbo, Belladonna, Thorin, and the other Istari, though if you come up with something about him and someone else, that would be great too.
  • Glóin (Tolkien): Glóin’s special relationship with fire has always fascinated me, so I’d love anything to do with that. But really, anything that expands his character beyond “Gimli’s doting father” would be great (though of course, it’s fine if you do add in his role as a father as long as that’s not the sole focus).
  • Gollum | Sméagol: Any of the transformative moments of his life would interest me, whether that be his grandmother teaching him to suck out eggs, running off after killing Déagol, retreating below the mountains or squeezing the life from one of the orcsssesss little neckssssesss for the first time. I’d love to see anything dealing with his life before he got the Ring, especially the cultural aspects and his relationships with his grandma, Déagol and the others in his life. I’m also particularly interested in his dual nature, his moments of darkness shining through even before he got the Ring and the moments of light shining through even after he had been under the influence of the Ring for hundreds of years.
  • Gwaihir the Windlord: It would be fascininating to see some of the Eagles’ culture and how they fit in between living in Middle-earth and being so closely associated with Manwe. Are they in constant constant contact with Manwe, or do they just have a general task to fullfil? Did they perhaps even decide that Manwe’s rulings may begood and well in Valinor, but things do work a bit differently in Middle-earth and they bend things just a little to make things work out (I’m not too big a fan of Manwe, if you hadn’t noticed…) It would also be interesting to see his relationship with Gandalf explored: is it friendship, duty, how is their power structure? Do the Eagles have dealings with the Ravens and if so, how do they play out? Did they have many encounters with the dragons?
  • Kíli (Tolkien): I think Kíli was the kind of dwarfling to make friends with animals, much to his mother’s and uncle’s exasperation, so it would be fun to see something about that. I’d also enjoy seeing him keep his cheer through tough situations, or perhaps being cheerful even in an inappropriate situation. (I’m not a fan of Kíli/Tauriel)
  • Nori (Tolkien): I like to think that Nori has probably seen more of the world than most of the other dwarves, so it would be great to see his experience playing into the quest, or just seeing some of these adventures play out. Maybe Nori is also slightly put off that this incompetent creature called Bilbo was chosen to be the company’s burglar instead of him and perhaps he takes to teaching Bilbo a thing or two.
  • Óin (Tolkien): One of the interesting things about Óin is his ability to read the portents. I’d love to see this ability and how it ties into dwarven history and society being explored. It might also be interesting to throw in why Dori thinks little of reading the portents. But really, I’d be happy to read anything about Óin.
  • Ori (Tolkien): Ori letting the others subtly find out how important it is not to get on the bad side of the company’s scribe would be wonderful. Maybe some of the other dwarves tease him and are surprised to find small things that are unflattering and not entirely true about themselves in that day’s report. Anything about Ori growing up or the brothers’ interactions would also be lovely.
  • Roäc (Tolkien): I’d love to see more of the Ravens‘ culture and how it ties in with the dwarves‘. Interactions with any of the members of the company would be great, but I’d also enjoy seeing Roäc sassing Thranduil. I don’t mind if you mess with Roäc’s age, for example to show him pre-Smaug.
  • Sigrid (Hobbit Movies): I’m always interested in seeing how Sigrid adapts to her new role when Dale is resettled. Interactions with her siblings (both with her being the responsible big sister, getting along and little sibling squabbles) would be great too. I’m also a big fan of Sigrid/Tauriel.
  • Tauriel (Hobbit Movies): A story about Thranduil pretty much adopting her and her subsequent sibling dynamics with Legolas would be great. I’m really not a fan of Tauriel/Legolas or Tauriel/Kíli, but I do ship her with pretty much any female characters, so I’d also appreciate a story about that or just her daily life in the guard of Mirkwood. If you feel like writing crack, I also love the “infamous Tauriel” theory, in which she is somehow responsible for everything that ever went wrong in Middle-earth… 
  • Thorin Oakenshield: I love everything to do with the wandering years and Thorin’s relationship with his siblings (perhaps he had a somewhat complicated relationship with Frerin due to sibling rivalry?). I’d also love to see something about his friendship with Roäc.
  • Thranduil (Tolkien): I’m always very interested in seeing the darker side in Thranduil being explored. I mean, he’s so entwined with the forest and the forest is so dark, that has to have an effect on him. Likewise, the connection between him and that white stag is quite fascinating. Or you could go the route of exploring what it is like for him to be in regular contact with the outside world again after the events of the hobbit or write something concerning the dealings of elves and dwarves before Smaug attacked (if we are going with the movie version, why on earth was he watching the events play out with his entire army?)
  • Thranduil's Wife: I’d love to see something in which she is just not in the least interested in politics or is travelling through Middle-earth, not actually dead. Or perhaps Thranduil just likes saying she is dead for one reason or the other? (het is obviously okay for this character, even though I wouldn’t mind seeing her settle into a relationship with another woman either. XD)
  • Tilda (Hobbit Movies): Tilda trying to find her place (both in her family and in society) would be interesting. She’s not the heir, she’s not the responsible older sister, but I can imagine she wants to be more than just the little sister. I wouldn’t mind seeing her helping her older siblings out of tight spots by clever thinking (that people who don’t know her that well wouldn’t necessarily expect) either.

The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien

I especially like worldbuilding, exploring the different cultures, dark!Aus, humor, angst, fluff, slice of life and what-ifs.
  • Berúthiel (Tolkien): History is of course written by the winners, so I’d love to see her side of the story. What was Berúthiel’s life like before and after living in Gondor? Maybe there was one person she trusted aside from her cats? I’d also enjoy reading about her everyday life, listening to what her cats found out by spying on the people of Gondor.
  • Celebrimbor | Telperinquar: I really like stories dealing with the indirect responsibility for actions of relatives and the associated feelings of guilt, so anything about how Celebrimbor tries to reconcile the contrast between knowing Feanor as a loving grandfather and knowing the things he did as a politician/kinslayer would make me incredibly happy!
  • Ungoliant (Tolkien): I’m interested in the self-destructive contrast between her hunger for light and her hatred for it. It would also be interesting to see something about her background with Melkor, how he “corrupted her into his service” or she “disowned her Master”. If inspiration takes you that way, I wouldn’t mind a modern AU or an AU with Ungoliant in a more human form either.  
  • Urwen Lalaith: AR, what if Urwen didn’t die? What is her part in the story? I’d be happy both with fix-its and grim-dark.

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin

I especially like sibling interactions, worldbuilding, humor, angst, fluff, slice of life and what-ifs.

  • Arya Stark: It would be interesting to see older Arya (in a much more secure situation) looking back on the things she has had to do to survive. I’d also love to see more interactions with Sansa (examples listed below).
  • Brienne of Tarth: I think it would be interesting to see her loyalty to people who have shown her kindness (especially as the political landscape gets more complex and she feels loyalty to people in different camps) putting her in tough situations. Alternatively, I’d also be happy to see any femslash involving her, or anything else you come up with.
  • Jon Connington: Seeing something about him dealing with the Greyscale and the consequences of bringing it to Westeros would be interesting. I’m also a sucker for anything dealing with his unrequited feelings for Rhaegar and how that ended up influencing him throughout his life.
  • Sansa Stark: I’d love to see Sansa get a happy ending. It would be rather interesting to see her interact with Arya again after all they’ve both been through, being both happy to see each other after such a long and difficult time and somewhat unsure how to act around each other after their somewhat difficult past relationship. I’d also love to see one of the somewhat rare situations in their childhood in which they got along well, or one of the sisters intending to be friendly to the other but the other misunderstanding the situation.

Carol (2015)
I’d just love to see some domestic fluff, maybe with a side of angst (but with a happy ending) for them (or some of them, it’s fine if you don’t write about all four of them).



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